Nevermind Those Stones

Oh sure there are big stones in the middle of Main Street, but we have stones of our own, inside the “Stone Ovens” and they make great pizza.  So take the detours around town and come on in for some yum (cooked on stones).

* * * 


The Generosity Of Spirit

While we didn’t want to post these during the aftermath of the tornado that struck between Cameron and Chetek, we were honored to have been able to donate food and pizzas to those who had suffered from this unforeseen natural disaster, one that hit so close to home.  Thank you to everyone for who contributed in the aftermath to help those affected.

* * *

A Legendary Kicker Amongst Us

Green Bay Packers Hall Of Fame kicker Chester Marcol stopped in after the UWBC screening of Cheeseheads (he’s in it) for dinner at our luxurious restaurant.  He’s a great guy, great sense of humor.  It was a lot of fun meeting him and having him at our place in the middle of everywhere (and nowhere).

* * *

Chester at SOP